Dog Doors

Doggy Doors For Glass

Dog doors are a great way to give your dog access to the backyard. Our Pet Doors are made from a clear acrylic or polycarbonate, which are less obvious than any other dog doors on the market. We have tried an tested the rest. We only use the best.

Dog Door Installation

Budget Glass dog doors are preinstalled into our toughened glass panels to offer a fully compliant installation.

Dog Doors For Sliding Doors

Doggie Doors can be installed into sliding doors and panels next to sliding doors. A majority of door systems can accept dog doors, allowing the door to operate as normal.

The Do's

Happy dog = Happy owner.

Here are the do’s.

  • Use a professional
  • Use toughened safety glass
  • Use a reputable brand of dog door

The Don'ts

Glass can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

  • Don’t cut the glass yourself
  • Don’t use float glass or laminated glass
  • Don’t use a handy man
  • Don’t try to cut toughened glass
  • Beware of companies wanting to install into existing laminated glass

Why we don't cut into your glass

Unfortunately we do not fit our dog doors into your existing glass because of the low success rate of cutting your glass onsite. Even if the hole is cut successfully onsite, breakage usually results in the future from holes cut onsite.