Window Repairs

Window repair is a dangerous and difficult job that requires an experienced tradesman to perform. A majority of older windows are glazed with putty, which is an art in itself, regardless of the skills required to work with glass. Cutting glass successfully on your very first attempt is almost impossible and measuring the correct size for your window can also prove challenging. In addition to the installation process selecting the correct glass for your window is very important. All glass installations must comply with the Australian Building Code, therefore if you install the wrong type of glass and someone injures themself by breaking the window you can be liable. Besides the skills and techniques required to carry out window repairs, many tools and safety equipment are required to do the job. Protective eyewear, gloves, glass cutters, glass pliers and many more tools are necessary to achieve a successful window repair.

In summary, a professional glazier such as the staff at Budget Glass and Mirrors should do window repairs. By choosing Budget you eliminate, broken glass when installing, person injury, the cost of purchasing of glazing tools, incorrect glass selection and many other problems associated with glazing the window yourself. If you’re located in Sydney and require window repairs, call your local Budget Glass outlet to arrange your window repair.