Problems with High Performance Coated Glass

July 12th, 2010 by

Specially manufactured coated glass must be treated with care by glaziers, other tradesmen and householders alike. Careful storage and handling during the manufacturing and installation process is essential for glaziers however these types of glass must be treated with care at all times. Not all coated glass has the same characteristics, some are more durable than others and therefore one must assume that their coated glass requires delicate handling.

The main problem with coated glass is that the coating creates a softer surface, which is more susceptible to scratches. Some coatings produce a surface that is not as smooth as the original glass surface therefore dirt or foreign materials can adhere to this surface much easier. Cleaning techniques are the most common factor, which contribute to the damage to these types of glass. Only recommended cleaning liquids or solvents must be used, scrappers or blades should only be used as a last resort and heavy rubbing or brushing must be avoided at all times. Always refer to the manufacturers recommendation for cleaning procedures prior to attempting cleaning your own glass.

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